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Xbox 360 – Should i Buy Halo Wars, or a 4000 Microsoft point card?


Halo wars looks good, i saw the trailer, it looked fun. The demo is coming febuary 5th so im excited. I am looking forward to a 4000 point card because Halo 3 is releasing map packs that are maybe 1600 points, and GTA IV thing thats 1600 points. So which one?

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  1. im a big fan of halo but i think i would just rent halo wars first and then if i like it i would get it

    i also need to get me the 1600 for gta and a new 12 month memebership

    since i have a job i really dont have to worry about the money tho

  2. Just buy the MS points needed for the downloads you want after they come out. Halo 3’s Mythic Map Pack will most likely be 800 points, but it’s possible to be 1600 because of so many achievements and the unlock able RECON armor. Rent Halo Wars and buy it if you like it. If not, you can always get another game.

    If this helped, please make me best answer.

  3. I personally very much HATE strategy games a lot. I would get the MS points. If you like strategy games, like Civilization Revolution, you should get Halo Wars.

  4. Halo Wars, hands down. As a prequel to the Halo series, I’m finding it irresistible already. Bungie has a tendency to provide their Halo map packs for free after several months. However, even if you DID pay full price for a Halo map pack (as I did), it would run you 800 points, not 1600 (and 600 after a few months, a while after that). Besides, you’re getting another whole game with Halo Wars, as opposed to expansions to existing games.

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