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Xbox 360 Should i Buy it for this reason? Please Answer!?


im thinking about buying a xbox 360 Arcade but i mainly just wanna use it for games not Xbox live and downloading etc should i buy Arcade for this reason or any other info?

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  1. game systems are for games not just online if ur main reason is to play games get 1. i don’t use live at all and i love the games story lines

  2. You should definitely buy it. You can always buy a hard drive at another point; they will have USB Flash Drive support soon too. You are better off getting one with a hard drive though. Games will be able to load faster, you won’t have to worry about memory cards, you can put music, movies, and pictures on there. Its just alot better. The best part of a hard drive is installing the game to the hard drive so your Xbox 360 isn’t constantly running; thus reducing the heat expelled which also reduces the chance of any hardware problems. Good luck and happy gaming

  3. Ya sure. I had a ps3 for the longest time without psn. and same with xbox 360. 360 is different trust me you will buy live sooner or later.

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