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Xbox 360 Slim Questions?


Ok, one, I have the old xbox with a 120 gb hard drive. Will I be able to transfer all my game info, data, and gamertag info; will I be able to recover my gamer tag.

2nd) If I get this xbox, will it be able to play Kinect games when they come out on the new Kinect, how would this be possible? So would this mean I wouldn’t have to buy the Kinect system when that comes out?

Thanks, and sorry if these questions are noobish.

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  1. you can buy a transfer kit from microsoft to move all ur items from ur old hdd to ur new xbox. Most stores have them in the gaming section. You could also use a flashdrive to move stuff. As for kinect,the new 360 comes kinect READY, meaning a port to plug kinect into, not with the actual kinect system/camera. You need to buy that srparate for like 150 bucks alone or 100 bucks when it comes out in a bundle w/ the new 360.

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