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xbox 360 verticle or horizontal?


i have just got my 360 back from repair and it gets hot a little bit faster so i had gotten an intercooler. now that i got one is it ok to put my system verticle? because it has an intercooler? cause it looks alot better verticle than horiz. i had it before it broke for about 1 year verticle and it was fine than it got 3 red rings but now i got a intercooler maybe it will be ok? and i dont care if the intercooler gives the red rings because its working and keepin it cool i have the metal one so it wont melt like the plastice but do u think its ok if its verticle since i got it fixed and i got a inter cooler or no?!?!and DO NOT TELL ME THE INTERCOOLER GIVES THE 3 RED RINGS BECAUSE ITS WORKING AND I HAVE NO PROBS WIT IT YET!! IT KEEPS MY SYSTEM COOL!THANK YOU AND HAVE A GOOD DAY!

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  1. btw, the 3 red rings is called “the ring of death” 1 out of 7 XBOX 360’s have it, if you send it back to the factory, they give you a card for some free play time

  2. While I do not believe there are any hardware problems associated with placing it vertically, I do believe that the disk drive has too much room in it to let the disk spin at full speed for prolonged periods of time. And, while you may not experience any immediate effects, it is possible that it could end up scratching your disk.

    About what the person above me said, about it not allowing proper air flow, as long as the holes on the sides are not covered, it shouldn’t present a problem.

    Personally, I keep mine horizontal. I don’t want to risk scratching the game disks or dvds or anything, and then have to buy them again.

  3. yeah i think its ok. my bf keeps his like that and it is fine. no problems at all. there shouldnt be a problem with it but if you do find one then switch it and see which way has better results.

  4. Horizontal is best, if you have it vertical, theres a chance it could tip over and not only screw up your disc, it can also screw up your console.

    Plus putting it vertically will trap the air that flows out of the side, eventually causing your system to overheat.

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