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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Blinking?


In the center of the Xbox 360 wireless controller there is the silver and light green “X”, and when it is linked with the console part of it will be lit up. I saw something weird today. When I was playing a game, it kept going from saying that it was linked to port one form having the green light rotate around the circular area. Has anyone else seen this? It did this over and over. Can you tell me why it did this? I thought the rechargeable battery was dying, but I had just charged it and it’s brand new. I tried recharging it AGAIN after I saw this and it basically went back to full power in about 4 minutes, which is obviously an indication that it wasn’t even being closed to dead.

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  1. You might be sitting far away from the console or you have a shifty controller that phases in and out of sync. If you try another controller with the same battery and its fine then i guess it is the controller

  2. You mean the lights that comes up whenever you get a Xbox Live notification (e.g. one of your friend is online, sends you a message, or invite you to join a party)

    Sometimes it could be the controller trying to stabilize the wireless connection due to some interference. Seen it happen before.

  3. quick question:

    when this happened, did your controller cease to work with your xbox?

    this happens to me a lot, but my controller always stays connected to my xbox (i can keep playing). i never thought it was a problem. i figured that everyones did this.

    if your controller isn’t connecting to your xbox try to reconnect it with the little button on the face plate of your xbox, and then push the little button on the controller next to the charge and play port.

  4. If the light is rotating around the ‘Guide’ button on the center of your 360, the battery is getting low. (Has 2 bars or less.) The more rapid it does this, the lower it is.

    Hit the button, and the menu that comes up, in the top-left corner it should show your remaining battery power.


    And to the first guy who responded, when you receive a message, have a friend come online, earn an achievement, etc. The light will flash in it’s set area on the controller to show who the ‘blip’ belongs to. That’s what you’re referring to, which I don’t think is his problem. 😉

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