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Xbox Controller Problem?


My controller is having some problems and its really starting to annoy me. Right where the cord connects to the controller; whenever its bent past a 90 degree angle, it just cuts out and I always have to reconnect. Most of the time when I’m playing Dead Rising 2: OtR on my PC, it’ll disconnect and I won’t be able reconnect. It’ll keep saying “Please reconnect your controller and press A or Enter.” I can’t press A but when I press Enter, it’ll go back to mouse and keyboard and I won’t be able to switch to the controller; the option would be greyed out. Is there a way to fix the controller?

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  1. you would either have to take it in to get it fixed and pay money ORRRR just a buy a new one man.

    Honestly I fix XBOX Controllers all the time.

    Its not worth trying to fix it because something else would go wrong later.

    One of the wires inside the cord probably broke and there is no way to fix that to tell you the truth unless you took to a repair place or to gamestop.

    My bf’s controller was doing the same EXACT thing.

    I just told him to get a new one and that I wouldn’t touch that part of the controller due to it not being able to be fixed at home.

    I take apart the controllers and put in new buttons and make sure everything is in line.

    The cord is a different story

    Good Luck:)

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