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Xbox Live ban Question?


I’m thinking about getting my xbox flashed.

Would i get banned if i play online with the 1.6.1 ixtreme software?

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  1. @Bigfoot16

    Please. if you do not know the answer to the question. do not answer it. You make yourself look silly.

    Now, as for the question. It is not necessarily about the firmware that you are using (however, no ways so far have confirmed exactly how microsoft knows you have a modded console), it is more about the games and sources that are used for this.

    If you think that you can get away with playing a game that has not been released yet, then this is going to cause you some serious problems with microsoft flagging this.

    If you try to play a game that is not the correct region code, Microsoft will know.

    If you flash your drive with firmware other than the version that came with your drive (bare in mind custom firmware will report whatever you want it to), then microsoft will know.

    If you replace your drive with a different one and put custom firmware on it, that is not showing as the same as your old drive, Microsoft will know.

    Bare in mind that every xbox motherboard has a serial code that is linked directly to the dvd drive. Microsoft also know which drive they installed with which motherboard batch and also which firmware was originally installed. if its changed. they could know.

    In short, if your console is done PROPERLY, and you use correct games from tried and tested sources. then you probably wont have any issues. However, my advice, dont do it if you are that worried about getting banned.


    It really doesn’t matter what software you use, they can all be easily detected. And, once they find you, they will ban your console! This means you will need to go spend $200 for a new one to play on live!

    Hope this helps!

  3. Don’t do it yet. Ms are currenlty banning modifed console. No one knows how they are doing it. I personally think they release a pirate version of a game (cod4) with some modified boot coding. When you log in it identifies your playing a nodded game. Then u get banned. I was online for a year- played a big realase game on the week it was launched and got banned.

    My advice is: if yours is chipped do not play online for the next 2 weeks.

    I now have a clean system and buy used games. Rather than having a collection of 50 ‘backups’ which I never completed. I have 4-5 which I do. And I enjoy them more too. If u love live -don’t do it. Just remember new games require the new firmware from ms. Banned and u can not get it.

    I’ve just got a ps3 it’s ok but online play is rubbish compared to xbox

  4. you’ll get banned for any modified xbox. your account would be suspended for a certain amount of time depending on what game you’re playing and what the mod is. or you can just get kicked off permanently gah

  5. Yes, Dont Get your xbox flash modded right now.

    Wait for the the new update then get it modded.

    You will get banned with 1.6, over 600,000 people have gotton banned in the past month.

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