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Xbox live Funniest thing.?


What is the funniest thing you ever heard on xbox live? mine was when some guy was breathing into the mic heavily some guy said ” stop breathing into the mic fat a(word)” and everyone was laughing. also some kid was talking about mc donalds. im not allowed to say the a(word) so thats why i put it like that.

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  1. I’ve heard that people actually talk trash on UNO!! “Ha take that loser! I got a blue!” Wow that’s kind of pathetic.

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  3. well this is not that funny but everyone started laughing from it (please do not report me for posting this because you asked).

    my brother was playing COD4 and these kids were smack talking each other and one of them said to the other one “you have some brestacles don’t you” (it was something like that but I do know that the word brestacles was used). so my brother was laughing so hard that he had to turn off his mic and when he tried turning it back on he could not stop laughing.

  4. i was playing cod4 and this one dude would never stop talking and then this guy said if you dont shut up my fist is going down your throat

  5. i was on halo and this one guy was getting killed like every 3 seconds and everyone was making fun of him. he also had the nerdiest voice in the world.

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