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xbox LIVE membership?


I created a profile and I ran it on the month trial that you get for the first 3 profiles you connect to xbox, but the month is up I have a code that I can get another month free, and I would like to buy LIVE. but when I choose SIGN IN, and chose my profile, it comes up with the message “Invalid membership” and I know it’s invalid, but microsoft doesnt let you choose to buy LIVE or anything?

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  1. From what I understand you can’t use another free trial on the same account. You’ll have to create a new profile to use the next trial code. If you want to just pay for more time on your current profile- you can do that too. You can do it from the Live dashboard.

  2. all you have to do is complain to microsoft and get a new account and they will give you a free xbox live trust me i do this all the time

  3. You go into the Xbox dashboard (don’t worry about it if your invalid membership does not let you connect to live, you don’t need xbox live to go to places on the dashboard) and the select “xbox live” tab. There is a dashboard option you can select on the lower left of the screen called “Join XBox Live” (you had to go here once already to enter your code for the free month). Select the desired membership subscription on the next page and it’ll walk you through entering your credit card and such.

  4. go to xbox live marketplace and look for the enter code and if that dosent work call 1-800-4myxbox

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