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xbox live upgraded to gold but still says I only have silver?


I got netflix on my computer finaly and want to watch movies on my tv. So deceided to use my 360 which just gathers dusts pretty much I hate the fact I have to pay to get online but until I get a new tv with hdmi in a couple months will have to work.

I signed in on their website with my account and upgraded said it was a success and that was a couple hours ago.

So now I turned on my 360 did all the updates etc havent been on in awhile still says i have silver and won’t let me use netflix.

So useing the 360 i went to manage account it says month-month 7.99 Xbox Gold is what i have. So im wondering did I do something wrong? I have restarted the 360 a couple times also. xbox Or this microsoft’s way of haha again? I havent messed with gold since my old account back when Halo 3 came out.

Anyone know whats going on? Its been about 2 hours didn’t think it would take but a maybe 2 minutes. Any help would be great thanks.

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  1. Log into xbox.com and check to make sure you show as gold. If you do then try recovering your gamertag on the xbox, may help it update.

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