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Xbox Live/new modem problem?


I got a new router today, and I connected my xbox to it. At first it didn’t connect, then after a load of tries it connected albeit with a little lag every now and then. Now it won’t connect at all no matter what I do, I’ve tried unplugging the router an plugging it back in and I’ve checked my MTU and it’s fine. All the other devices connected to the router are all connected to it with good signal and no problems at all. Anyone know what’s up/any solutions?

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  1. Im gunna tell you what ive told literally thousands of people here on Answers, you need to Forward the Xbox LIVE ports and set up a static IP address for your xbox. I really havnt got the energy to write out another tutorial so just google them, if you roughly know your way around your router you can do them both in 5 minutes.

  2. Go into the settings on the xbox and do the “test connection”

    Reset the network settings on the xbox and start over.

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