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Xbox Microsoft Points?


Well I want to get my friend 1000 microsoft points, but can I buy 1000 at game? I know they sell 2100 but do they sell 1000?

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  1. Assuming by “game” you mean Gamestop, according to the website they sell 1600 and 4000 MS Point cards. Retail stores may very.

  2. Here’s where you get them [url is not allowed] the website is free and easy all you have to do is complete offers and surveys which give you points that you can use and buy xbox live cards. 8 points = 1 month 20 points = 3 months 45 points = 1 year. You can also use your points that you earn to buy other games, prizes and much more. Also you don’t even have to give them your real address unless you order something that isn’t code related. So if you only want gaming codes you don’t have to give them your real information!

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