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Xbox new update breaks xboxs?


I heard that the new update can make your xbox not read games. So my xbox hasn’t been able to read games well for a while and I was wondering if I called xbox and said that the new update broke my xbox do you think they would send me a new xbox.

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  1. they wouldnt send you a new one, but i highllyyy doubt its gonna crash just cause of an update. the xbox has a very private and well controlled firewall and its very hard to get virus’s unless your doing something stupid on it with bad hardware, somethibng that may crash it. i say go ahead and tdo the update. reallly,, what could happen?

  2. Microsoft knows all who will have this problem with their xbox. They should have already sent you an email message asking you if you wanted a new xbox for free.

    This only happens to a very very small amount of people. They know if you’re lying, so don’t try to lie and get a new xbox out of it.

    EDIT: Here is a link talking more about and where you can contact microsoft about the free xbox.

    [url is not allowed].

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