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xbox one or playstation 4?


xbox one sounds stupid and its mostly an entertainment box while ps4 is for gamers, i have a 360 im swtiching to ps4 what about you

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  1. Neither. I have pretty much quit gaming because I feel like now, consoles are just getting worse, and games are just the same thing over and over again. There is nothing new to gaming.

    I mean, when sims and simcity came out, they were new, nothing like them. Star wars galaxies, it was the only MMO of its kind, now every MMO is world of warcraft with a skin over it.

    I was looking forward to xbox one. now I’m sticking with my laptop, even though it is outdated by 3-6 years, it is still running and able to do what I need it to.

  2. Xbox1 is the way to go it may be an entertainment system, but it’s great for gamers you have a game while on a sidebar controlled by your voice is searching cheats walkt throughs and all sorts of things to help you play station on the other hand gets hacked everyother day with my experience Xbox is way better

  3. The specs of the PS4 and One are nearly identical. What makes one more of a ‘gamer’ machine than the other. Frankly, I think you’re the stupid one.

  4. neither cause I’m sick of the fact that all this topic is anymore is bored little kids posting this XB1 vs PS4 crap a million times over

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