Home Playstation Forum another update (PS3)?

another update (PS3)?


didn’t sony just update the system?

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  1. Well, worst case scenario if Sony didn’t update the PlayStation 3, people may be getting credit card numbers stolen, identities stolen etc buying into these “homebrew apps” and ripped games.

  2. gee i cant MW2 without entering a modded room! and even after the update, I’m still ending up in these crappy modded lobbies!

  3. yeah theres a lot of stuff they want to fix atm. Mostly anti hacking stuff

    Won’t affect you if your a normal user, its only a small download anyway, whats the problem.

  4. blame the hackers , it’s because of them that Sony has to add these security patches like this instead of adding new features with updates. it used to be every 3-4 months we’d get an update and it added new stuff , not anymore.

    why complain unless you are a hacker? security is a good thing. it’s a 5 minute download , everyone can spare 5 minutes to have a secure system instead of potentially having someone hack psn and get their credit card information off their ps3 while playing online.

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