Home Playstation Forum are there any PS2 games that can be played on the PS3?

are there any PS2 games that can be played on the PS3?


i know already know some PS1 games can be played on the PS3 but i don’t have a PS2 anymore and i wanna play some of the games on it.

so i was hoping someone could tell me if there was like. i don’t know, a website that gives you a list of games both for the PS1 and PS2 that can be played on the 40G version of the PS3. thanks!

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  1. 20 and 60 gig PS3s play 99% of PS2 games.

    80 gig PS3 play 90% of PS2 games.

    40 gig PS3 cannot play PS2 games.

  2. The 40GB and the 80GB that will be coming out can’t play any PS2 games. They just don’t have the hardware. So there will never be a firmware update to be able to play PS2 games on those consoles.

  3. Yeah you can play ps2 games on the ps3, depends on what model/type you have.If you have 20,60 and 80gb then yes. But then,you have 40gb ps3 then you cant play any ps2 games.yeah, the new 80gb core wont play ps2 games as well. If you wanted to play ps2 games on ps3, you shouldnt have gotten the 40gb in the first place.lol. Sorry.Goodluck

    Btw,all of the ps3 models can play your ps1 games though.

  4. well Steven, you asked to be proven wrong. here ya go.

    the 20GB and 60GB are completely backwards compatible. they both can play PS2 as well as PS1 games.

    the current 80GB can play a large percentage of PS2 games, but not as many as the 20GB and 60GB. it can also play PS1 games.

    the 40GB cannot play PS2 games period. but it can play PS1 games.

    the upcoming 80GB also cannot play PS2 games, but can play PS1 games.

  5. you cant play ps2 games on the ps3 mate well not on the 40gb version anyway

    if you buy the 60gb version then any game will work because the ps3 has 2 microchips and thats why its more expensive

  6. Hhhmm.


    i just recently got a ps3!

    but you cant play any ps2 games on it unless its the next one,bigger than 40g,60g i think.

    idk i usually dont play it so i am unsure this is just what the guy at the game store said.

  7. I thought only the 60gb version was backwards compatible?

    Please tell me more – have you got ps1 games to work on the PS3 40gb.

    as far as I am aware the 40gb is not backwards compatible – I would be very happy to be proved wrong

  8. yes u can acuatllly but u need a 60gb for the ps3 they dont sell that anymore but they sell them on ebay thats were i got mine saves u money =)

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