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Arghhhh need help!.Ps3 went blank while my Final fantasy 13 just started loading?


It all happened like this. When i insert my ff13 disc into my ps3 i entered the disc sign to play the game. However after the tiny sparkle when off( the tiny sparkle refer to the thingy right after you click your disc logo when you are about to play a game) nothing happen. The ff13 company’s logo is suppose to turn up after that but it did not. i was so worried i can’t even shut down my ps3 by holding the touch button. Eventually i switch of the main power switch behind the ps3 and on it back again. Thankfully everything went fine and i am able to play my ff13 again but i want to know what happened to my ps3 back then? Does this mean my ps3 is gonna “die” soon? And if any of you know what just happened to my ps3, is there any way to prevent this thing from happening again?

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  1. your ps3 isnt going to “die” ok.i went through this before with a different game and my friend did too.i called sony and learned how to fix it.if this happens again.press the power button until it beeps twice.after it beeps twice, go to the third one and do that.then go to your memory option and look for any currupted data.if there is any currupted data then delete it.u wont lose any data.

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