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best place to preorder ps4?


I been thinking about preordering ps4 for longest time but can’t find out where would be best place to order. like in USA. Bestbuy, amazon, and ect (and I think gamestop stopped doing preorder for the ps4 now) and I’m planning on getting like bundle like ps4 with watch dogs

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  1. It depends on what you want to come with the ps4, certain places have combos that come with a game that might not be offered in combo at another store

  2. Sorry u r too late, GameStop is closed per-order out!. If u can wait until next year PS4 release free time at all store!.

    I doubt per-order at Amazon? I reading said sound if AMAZON PS4 release date at Next year/dec 31!?.

  3. Gamestop, but its to late now. I heard the news that ps4 in gamestop is run dry. Many gamers quickly preorder ps4 all around the world because Xbox one is screwed up. I am so sorry

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