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Can the newest ps3 that just came out right before Christmas play ps1 games?


Just wondering because it couldn’t play my ps2 games so will it play my ps1 games then?


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  1. Yes, and no.

    For the ps2 games it doesn’t play any games, but there are software program’s that enable you to do it though.

    As from right out of the box, they can play some game’s for some reason, only some. So don’t go out thinking it play’s all I tried out some very old game’s, and they play some of them, but not all.

  2. PS 1:

    Every single PS3 in the world has an emulator to play most PS1 games right out of the box (you don’t need anything extra). Emulatnig PS1 games is very easy and very cheap to do, which is why there is so much support for the PS1 platform. Its so easy, the next 2 Playstation consoles will probably have PS1 support.

    PS 2:

    PS2 architecture is very, very complex. In certain aspects, its actually more complex than the PS3 architecture. This just goes to show how far ahead of its time the PS2 really was. It is not cheap to make a console with two very different pieces of architecture into one console. This translates into higher purchase price for the consumer. Many people did not like paying at least $500 for a PS3 with PS2 playback, so Sony took it out. The PS2’s complex architecture (especially its GPU speed) also make it extremely difficult to emulate it, which is just one reason why Sony has not bothered to perfect PS2 emulation. Its a lot easier for Sony to just continue support for the PS2 and they probably make more money this way as well. Considering the rumors of Sony & Sega making an emulator for downloadable PS2 games & Dreamcast games (meaning you buy them again) and God of War being remastered as a PS3 game, its very unlikely the PS3 will ever play your disc PS2 games.

  3. yes , they all play ps1 games. don’t expect them to look very good if you have an hdtv though

  4. I don’t own one.

    I am sure they do because you can download and play PS1 Classics off the PSN.

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