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CGR Undertow – GHOSTBUSTERS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME on the PlayStation 3 (PS3). Ghostbusters: The Video Game is also available for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PC, PSP, PS2 and Xbox 360 in 2009. All of the original actors reprise their respective Ghostbuster roles in this video game. This CGR Undertow video game review features Ghostbusters: The Video Game video gameplay footage and commentary from Classic Game Room’s Ray.

Check out Derek’s review of Ghostbusters: The Video Game here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZpViVaTuXc.

CGR Undertow - GHOSTBUSTERS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. about the game ghostbusters needs more to it in high quality game wise this new story is very good but it can get over looked being made in 09 and only having 7 levels plus the MultiOnline stuff is good but gets fastly boring when all u do is capture a few ghost then the level or mission is over what they need is a online game you make your own ghostbuster with details on the look so everyone is different have a server so the only other pepople that show on screen is your group mates and they need an actual animated movie in ps4 quality make a few movies with the original characters before the new recruits come along if anything has shown us is that the computer animated graphics can make our characters young again so scrap the live action GB3 idea and make a few animated movies because the franchise would have been rebooted in that sense by now what are they thinking.

  2. my comment below is saying that all the reviewers of this game and many others have something bad to say about the 3rd person mode i mean most of new games are in this kind of setting the all 1st person stuff aint coming back its slowly being out of style i mean just think of skyrim everyone plays it in 1st person but i find it easyer and more exciting in 3rd person thats all i ment i apologize if my comment came off rude.

  3. first i'd like to say SCREW the freaking 1st person shooter viewer why does everyone want everything that way, now anything thats 3rd person people add it in as a thing that needs fixing something you got to swallow etc etc i heard em all, i love 3rd person view u get to see the character if something happens to him u get to see him flop around the room which could be both funny and emotional, the 1st person view only should be when your aiming your weapon trying to look up or down at something small thats it, not everything needs to be 1st person doom viewing and all u reviewers that add in the 3rd person view as a bad thing needs to get over it, why do u think almost every new game is in 3rd person mode or has it in somewhere because open word games are becoming very big and to play those you need 3rd person view the 1st person shooter is getting out of style its only in as aiming at your target. i cant stand reviewers that somewhere within the video he adds something bad about the freaking 3rd person mode, so far every reviewer of any game says it hinting at what he likes GET OVER IT, 1st person shooters aint coming back any time soon (my point stands clear theres a 3rd person viewer within any game like call of duty even just to move camera around so dont try to call that on me lol)

  4. this game is going for no less than 15 pound on ebay with postage lol its 11.99 pound on xbox store. i think ill buy it off there :)

  5. i remember a really big face-palm moment when on another review someone actually said in the comments "I was expecting for this game to at least be better than the nes game. it wasn't"

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