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Do games get installed on xbox 360?


I have a 20 gb 360. I have 8 gb left on hd. I only have halo and the only games i am getting in the future is halo odst & cod4 mdw2. I was wondering if odst & cod4 will need to be installed. (BTW I know installation is an option). Also is 8 gb on the hd enough space left to run the game smoothly? And i don’t want to get a bigger hd that is why I am asking this question.

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  1. why do people try and be funny but just arent? like aaron here,

    right anyway no halo odst or cod4 wont have to be installed but it`ll let you boot faster, the only games the installation really helps is games where the whole level is loaded in one big loading, it doesnt help games like GTA which is sucks data off as it goes along, so if you want fast load times install it, but remember that it only makes it faster by a few seconds, not great when you see how much space it takes up,

    and yes 8 gig is fine, if it wasnt microsoft would have made a bigger disk, it only becomes a problem when you get to 1 or 2 gb

  2. Depending on the type of mod chip that is installed on the console, it is possible. Updating the game can be done by connecting to Xbox Live (providing you aren’t banned) just like normal. If your console is banned, it won’t require game updates anyways, and if it does, the update will be on the actual game disc

  3. i don’t think that is enough u might just have to delete any other games you may have play on there or u may not have enough to save thee whole game

    -hope that helped bud

  4. 8 gigs is more than enough. one game should only take up around 1 to 2 gigs when installed on the harddrive.

  5. No, those game swill not have to be installed to the hard drive.

    8GB is more than enough. I’m currently running around 2GB free and have had no problems. In fact, you do not have to have a hard drive at all to play the games (that’s why the arcade model exists).

  6. Your game will play just fine with 8 gb left. no the games don’t install themselves on your xbox but they do save different types of data related to your game such as achievements and such.

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