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Do I need a digital optical cable for my PS3 if I already have HDMI?


I got a tv with optical connection and HDMI too. Is HDMI a better connection for my PS3?

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  1. though not required, I would say I would recommend it if you have a surround sound system that has optical inpout.

    My setup is like this. I got my PS3, Blu-ray player hooked up to my TV via HDMI. My TV has optical output and I connected it to my audio system via optical cable. In essence, eventhough I am only watching TV programs, I still get the best sound quality I could get from any source.

  2. If the sound connection is just going to a TV, HDMI and Optical is gonna be the same. HDMI obviously makes your setup simpler since it is also responsible for the video. Whether one is better than the other only really matters when you are connecting to a Home Theater Receiver.

  3. Would go for the hdmi not only because I use and but because it’s both video and audio which means less cables. The optical is only audio so ya.

  4. they say you can’t tell a difference, but I use the HDMI because it’s a lot cleaner in the back. I also do have an optical cable for the sound for external speakers.

  5. No you do not. The DOC is there if you would like to hook it up to a surround sound system or entertainment center.

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