Home Playstation Forum Does anyone know how to put the PS3 back on track?

Does anyone know how to put the PS3 back on track?


So I took apart my brother’s PS3 as he requested due to a laser failure and I needed to see which laser it is and I accidentally slid the gears that take and eject the discs and now the motor or something is stuck and it won’t do either. I’m not going to send it to Sony because I know I can fix it even if I have to buy a new track but can I reset this one somehow, if you have done it please do tell. Also it doesn’t turn on now when I try to insert the disc or when I press the eject button, it just beeps when I hit the button and the red light flashes but when inserting a disc with it off it does nothing.

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  1. ok , first – since you took it apart the warranty seal is broken so Sony wouldn’t fix it anyway now – no seal no repairs

    second , you’ll need a whole new blu-ray drive

    third , a flashing red light can mean it has a problem either with the heat synch or motherboard – you won’t know if it does until you replace the drive and see if that’s the only problem

    you might spend nearly as much fixing it as buying a new one , and no guarantee it will last more than a few more months

    I’d buy a new one , and maybe next time leave the repairs to someone who knows what their doing. either way you’ll need a new blu-ray drive , make sure it’s the right one for your ps3 model

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