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Final Fantasy 13 on Ps3?


I’m upgrade my Ultimate weapon for Lightning, Sazh’a, Snow’s, and fang’s. Can someone tell me the best weapon to upgrade for each of them?

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  1. I wish I knew. I bought the stragedy guide (the official one) To find out how to get weapons, but it doesn’t say. Don’t buy the guide it’s a waste. But you might be able to find it online.

    Try gamefaqs.com

  2. Lightning – Omega Weapon

    Gunblades are used by Lightning. As the name implies, these weapons have two modes that can be switched (but not directly by the player); Gun-mode allows Lightning to fire projectiles and Blade-mode lets her perform melee attacks. While not used they can be folded and put into a holster.

    Sazh – pistols [Total Eclipses]

    Sazh uses a pair of pistols as his weapons of choice. He can combine them into an assault rifle to deal more powerful damage.

    Snow – Save the Queen

    Snow fights barehanded, but he actually uses modified coats that enhance his strength and endurance. Different models have different emblems, which disappear when not participating in battle. The type of models also determine the visual effect created each time Snow delivers a physical hit to the enemy.

    Hope – Nue

    Boomerangs are Hope’s weapons of choice. Due to the futuristic technology, they appear to be remotely controllable even after being thrown, capable of dealing multiple hits before returning to their owner. They can also be folded and stored away when not needed.

    Vanile – Nirvana

    Vanille utilizes foldable rods in battle. They normally serve as a magic conjuring device, but the hooks on the wires attached to them can also deal damage by latching on and pulling, working similarly like a fishing rod.

    Fang – Kain’s Lance

    Fang fights with spears. They are all two-bladed and can be split into a three-section staff called a San Setsu-Kon for more flexible attacks.

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