Home Xbox Forum free xbox 360’s at zone lagitt?

free xbox 360’s at zone lagitt?


there is a website that u can go to (and they have a commercial) where they tell you to fill out information and stuff for company deals or something, and they say you will recieve a free xbox. Is this offer real or are they faking u out?

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  1. you can try [url is not allowed]

    this is a website that is legit and doesn’t scam.

    i tried it and got my prize.

    all you need to do is signup, login, fill survyes (use fake info if you want.i do.), recieve points, and spend them on prizes.

    You can also get referalls to increase your amount of points

  2. ive been on there in the last few days, but there is no live help, as it says there is supposed to be, the add was in rolling stone so i think it is legit, it just seems like such a long process

  3. [url is not allowed]

    This is the site that I used to get my free xbox 360 elite. It was real easy. Once you make an account, make sure you make a referral account, you just compete one offer, refer 9 friends, and they send you a free xbox 360 elite with a 120 gig hard drive. It took me about 2 months to get mine, but it was well worth the wait. The offer I completed was increase my margin, it was only 4.95 and you get instant credit. Then I just got all my friends to pitch in and that was it. Hope this helps. This isn’t a scam, I did a bunch of research and this was the best place that I found to get a free xbox 360. If you want to know how this is possible, just make an account and go to the help section, about us, and then How can you offer items for free? It will explain everything.

  4. you can get them for free check my source.

    It takes a long time since you have to get 8 refferals and they say it’s a free trial but it will charge you about $10 or £10.

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