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HELP! An old (maybe rare) Playstation 1 game that i can’t remember the name of!!?


i can only remember the into of it, it goes.

guy and girl are in a dark room, maybe an experimenting room. they are held in metal bars.

Dont get me wrong they werent being tortured or anything its just they were gonna be doing a mission.

and this machine thing injects them on the arm, then like another machine hand thing goes to put on their gear clothes.

it had two characters, a guy and a girl. i can remember the guy being big and muscular. i think he was tanned or maybe black. not too sure didnt really consider skin colour when i was younger! they had guns too!

i know its very vague but please help :L:L

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  1. Sounds like a script for the original Resident Evil but I doubt that’s what you’re looking for. PSN store now has a selection of old and some obscure PSone titles so you could check there and see if any names ring a bell

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