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Help with xbox live gold payment.?


Ok so I bought a prepaid visa debit card to pay for a 3 month subscription for xbox live gold.

And today, about 3 days after I put the debit card info into xbox live to pay for it, Microsoft sent me an email telling me they couldn’t charge my debit card and that I need to update my debit card information.

I was just wondering if anyone knew what this meant or knew how to fix this problem.

Thank you.

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  1. You have to activate the card for online purchases, To help prevent thieft from your card. Go to the website of the carrier card and find the part to activate debit cards.

  2. instead you should buy xbox live prepaid cards from the store because all you have to do is put the code at the bottom on to the xbox and you activated it

  3. idk that crap, but use the debit card and buy a live 3 month prepaid card at gamestop or walmart

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