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Honestly, do you think Microsoft is just being greedy?


My theory is that Microsoft is purposely not doing anything to fix the Xbox360 heating problems to make money.

Think about it:

1) Microsoft is one of the richest companies in the world, yet they aren’t willing to put in a few extra intercoolers to bring the 33% failure rate lower.

2) Many people with an Xbox360 buys an extra intercooler which makes Microsoft even more money.

3) People that send their Xbox360 to get fixed get charged an extra $100.00

I personally think this is Microsoft’s dirty way of ripping people off. Do you agree with my theory? Please give a brief explanation why or why not.


~PlayStation 3 owner and lover.

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  1. Actually Microsoft has lost millions of dollars due to the RROD. They have to repair and ship all the broken consoles to people free of charge, so really they are only hurting themselves.

    What they were trying to do was beat Sony and Nintendo to the market, which is why the console was faulty in the first place. So Microsoft is evil and greedy, but the RROD doesn’t benefit them in any way. The 33% failure rate was basically punishment for rushing their console out to try and steal the other consoles market share. If thay had taken their time designing and testing the xbox 360, these things never would have happened.

    As for the intercoolers, I’m pretty sure Microsoft doesn’t make them. They are third party products made by companies like Nyko.

    Your right about the charges for fixing a 360, but Microsoft extended the warranty for the RROD to 3 years. If your console RROD’s it gets fixed free of charge. If your console scratches discs, refuses to read games, etc. then yeah, your SOL.

  2. I think all big companys do it on purpose. Its all about the money not the product. I had to send my ps3 back for freezing but still like 10x more than xbox. The xbox360s HD dvds worked out didnt they.

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