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How are the new Xbox 360 Slim? I gave my 60gb xbox to my nephew and want to get a new Xbox 360 and wondering?


how reliable is the new Xbox 360 slim? I plan on getting the 250gb one. I’ve heard of some people having issues shortly after buying one, but the majority has had good exp. How about all of you who have one? How has it run? Have you had any problems with it? If so what were they and when did the problems start?

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  1. I just recently purchased the new xbox “slim” and I have had no problems with it so far. I am a pretty dedicated gamer and when I play it is normally for 3-5 hours in a sitting. Nothing is wrong with it, in fact it is actually really nice because the wifi adapter is built in which means I didnt have to buy a 60 dollar accessory and the cooling fans are a lot quieter than the earlier generation. All in all I have no problems with mine, and I haven’t heard of anyone having problems with these newer xboxs.

  2. i got mine the day it came out back in july last year (uk) just before christmas mine got a red dot on the power button which normally means its overheated but it never went away. i phoned them up and they told me that they had never heard of any breaking before so mine must have been a dodgy one. they fixed it for free. it is much quieter than a normal 360 and is protected from heat damage by shutting itself off when getting hot to cool down for a while unlike the normal 360 consoles which just run none stop. it also has built in wireless which is the best wireless that has been built in to consoles to date (better than any other console with built in wireless) i think you should get one, mine has ran very good since getting it back but note it is a dust magnet so be prepared to dust it every day lol.

  3. I’ve had mine since June of last year with no problems, it runs smoother, it is a little quieter and usually doesn’t get too hot. But like with all technology it may have problems and that goes for everything.

  4. The 360 is an excellent console. I have both systems but i prefer my 360 over my PS3. *Online services better than playstation 3*Games are easier to develop that is why they are sometimes released before the ps3 version. Games look better unless developers take an extra 6 or sometimes even 12 months in making the same game E.G Oblivion , Bioshock and Halo 3.

  5. well, im thinking about buying one, three of my friends have slims, and they are pretty awsome. my favorite part, the touch screen power and eject buttons. also, i have the 2nd model of the 360 so its really loud, and the slims are so much more quiet. my friend has the first model (release date buyer) and the sound comparison is crazy. plus you know, 250 gb memory, built in wifi router, no rrod, and kinect thing. i would so get one.

  6. All of my friends have upgraded their 360s to slims, and no-one has had any problems.

    They are incapable of RROD. If they overheat, they turn themselves off to cool down (like computers do) rather that breaking permanently. My slim has never even done this. It’d have to be a very long session, in a very hot, airless room I imagine!

    They also run much more efficiently, using much less power, and because they have one big cooling fan, they are much quieter too.

    They also have built-in wifi, capacitive touch power and eject buttons and a special port for Kinect that means the Kinect sensor doesn’t need an external power supply.

    I have been a 360 user since release day, RRODed 3 or 4 old ones, still play around 30-40 hours a week, sometimes it’s on for 8-10 hours at a time, it’s no problem at all for the slim.

    I highly, highly recommend it.

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