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How can I return my PS3?


Okay, I got my PS3 a little over a month ago. I recently got Black Ops and did the hacks. I am now banned from the Black Ops servers on every account. How can I get a new one or what is a good excuse? ( also, it is off-balance and is not sterdy if that would help returning it.)?

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  1. If you sell it on Ebay or anywhere else you must tell them of the console ban. Otherwise you risk having to return the money, as well as being known to ebay community as a liar by not telling them of the problem. Also, places like gamestop associate your returns with an address on your Gamestop account so you’ll end up being contacted if you sell them back faulty merchandise. To be honest, they’ll probably start not taking used PS3’s anymore due to this issue.

  2. I already answered you, brah.

    Durr hurr hurr, you can’t return it if it’s banned, because they always check.

    So yet again i’ll tell you this,






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