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How Can I Stop My Xbox 360 Overheating?


I have looked all over the internet for a solution, and ive tried all the practical ones. It is stood upright, the back is directed toward an open window, the wires are straight, the power block is far away from the console, and it is well ventilated. Despite all this, all it can manage is 20-25 minutes of gameplay, and then the 2 red lights flash. After that, i need to turn it off and wait a couple of hours for another 20 minutes! If i dont wait this 2 hours, i can only get like 3 minutes play from the damn thing. Does anyone have a cheap, easy, DIY solution i could try? Much obliged.

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  1. Clear the dust out of the vents. If you don’t have any more warranty on it, then you can open it up and clean all he dust out. also, it’s advisable that you purchase something like a laptop cooler, and use that. and keep it on an aluminium surface, away from carpets etc. Or if it’s still under warranty, then return it to Microsoft. Another solution is keep it near an air cooler / air conditioning unit if you have one. all the best

  2. How long have you had it? If dust builds up in the vents, air can’t get in to cool it off. I used to have the same problem. My solution: buy canned air or non moisture dust remover and spray it in all of the vents. should be working like new after that.

  3. I had the same thing happen to one of my xboxs. I took it apart and put new thermal paste on the heat sinks and that helped. I also never run one without an intercooler. they are about 20 bucks and just snap on the back so the warranty wont be voided. Good luck and happy gaming!!

  4. Well theres a fix called the “penny fix.” Its for fixing rrod but since it fixes overheated rrod’ed 360’s it should be able to keep a working 360 cooler. Search up the penny fix on youtube and watch one that’s from a guy named “sirbamalot.” It only costs about $30 and once you install the new “heatsinks” you should be able to get maybe 2 hours from it.

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