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How do you change your age on Xbox Live?


Someone please help me with this i can’t do anything how do i change my age i’m 16 years old and it says because of my age i can’t participate in xbox live rewards

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  1. sorry, but the age that was entered when you signed up with is what you are stuck with, and can NOT be changed, and don’t bother calling xbox either they will not change it either.

    LOTS of people have entered their birth dates incorrectly when they were in a rush to create an XBOX LIVE account, and didn’t realize the date they entered was “YOUNG” and therefor a minor – which lead MANY people in the past to create a NEW account with either correct date of birth OR they lied and just made up a date of birth the is older then 18.

    so your best bet (if you can afford to pay for another LIVE account that is) create a new account, using a different email – and make sure you enter a birth date is from 1993 or earlier. the only problem with this, you will not be able to transfer game content, save files, achievements to the new account – it’s like starting all over again.

  2. This is so messed up. i put everything in right but wont let me join again. I was old enough a few days after my 18th birthday.But a year later Im not old enough. SCREW YOU XBOX!!

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