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How was your ps3 expirience?


Now that the ps4 is so close, did you liked it’s predecessor? What did you like about the ps3 and what you didn’t?

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  1. Mmm lets begin at the start I pre-ordered the PS3. Yes at 600 Euro :! That was painful. Still the PS2 did get so many great games so you know. the PS3 is going to be awesome to right. Right?

    First 2 years the things we’re lean. Yes there we’re a few games and yes there was blu-ray but. It was very lean. It was after the first 2 years that finally games began to roll it and slowly but surely in the following years it really begin to feel like a great buy.

    I have had YLOD’s. I have swapped out my old 60Gbyte with a 120Gbyte fat without PS2 compatibility at Sony. Then when that finally failed again I did buy a PS3 Slim and did a system transfer.

    And the PS3 slim is still running perfectly these days. It has now a 120Gbyte Intel 320 SSD. Gran Turismo 5 loves SSD and Skyrim can also agree with it.

    What to Like:

    It isn’t an ugly console to look at

    It runs games, yes it does, hooray. And they run pretty decent yes. I find it a shame that this generation doesn’t yet runs at 1080p.

    Blu-ray, hooray! Seriously blu-ray is awesome!

    PSN, okay not as good as but still a pretty capable online gaming network.

    Storage, being born with a HDD it means every game can install stuff and be put to full use

    Media, haven’t used it much but yes it can play movies and music and guess what if you are in america you even have netflix. I don’t!

    Controller, based upon the PS1 and PS2 controller, so a trusted basic design!

    What not to like:

    To little memory 🙁 but it shares this fault with the xbox 360!

    Storage, seriously why must every game install around 5Gbyte 🙁

    Time it takes before you finally can game. Okay I will explain

    Time it takes before you can finally game. So you return home with a shiny disc, hooray! So you start up your Playstation 3, you put it in and start up the game. “There is a patch out for this game please download it”. you accept that it needs this patch and let your PS3 download it. It takes about 4 minutes with downloading and installing. So you are finally back in the game and “This game needs to install around 5Gbyte of data. Please wait” so 15 minutes later you return to find it FINALLY installed its game data. Okay lets. oh the game wants me to sign in. Okay. 45 second later. What? Oh you want me to put in the pass. sure whatever. *fumbles to find the booklet* 39AB-89C7-*

    Right what? “Download this activation DLC” WTF? Sure. just get me to my game!

    1 minute later. Right so can I finally play this damn game? Any more more patch of activation DLC? Right.lets play this game. At this point you are pretty much pissed off!

    I know this is partly the fault of the publishers but damn it. Sometimes you just want to play the game and not first put 25 minutes in installing and patching!

  2. I love my PS3.

    I’ve had it since 2009 and will use it until the day it dies.

    I liked almost everything about it. What I didn’t like is how third party games had worse graphics/framerates than the Xbox 360 counterparts. Hopefully that’s fixed with the PS4.

  3. Liked: Large variety of exclusive titles that had something for everyone. Playstation Plus was an amazing feature as well and had a huge selection of free games that were quality games

    Disliked: Playstation Home was garbage and a complete joke. Got my account suspended twice because people abuse the report button in playstation home

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