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I fixed my xbox from the red ring of death. it worked for 3 days. then today it froze up and made weird soun?


help my xbox is out of warranty and i dont want to pay the money

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  1. I have a business that does this kind of stuff. If you want a permanent xbox red ring of death fix you will need silicon paste, which can be bought at radioshack for about 4 bucks, and 8 pennies. Next you will need to follow this video. To open the xbox you will also need a torque 10 screw bit.

    Follow the vid and good luck

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  2. Hi i feel your pain. Do you get an error message when you turn your console on. I know with mine I got error code E74 which is hardware failure(ROD) with red notch on the lower right of power button. My Xbox 360 was out of warranty so I went to xbox.com found they are replacing the xboxs free of charge for my type of error. So I signed in requested repair and received my UPS return label. I shipped out the corpse in a coffin week and couple days ago and received replacement last Wed.

  3. So, you can get a professional DIY xBox repair guide for a cheap price to learn how to fix it yourself.

  4. Hi,

    The Red Ring of Death is caused by a failure in your xbox hard-drive or overheating of your xbox. I would not recommend sending it back to Microsoft because they charge $140, take 4-6 weeks, and give you a refurb one back. And Also don’t use the towel trick. It is an easy way to burn your xbox and YOUR HOUSE! I used this easy step by step manual which had videos and great techniques to safely fix your xbox. Hope I helped 🙂


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  5. It’s about $100 to refurbish it and can be more money because you messed it up even more( the towel trick ruins the xbox)

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