Home Xbox Forum i need help fixing my xbox controller?

i need help fixing my xbox controller?


Ok my controller i messing up big time. i play alot of army games. such as Halo, COD, and Slinter cell. well both of my controllers are moving my charaters without my touching the controller. Is there a way to fix it.

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  1. They may just need a thorough cleaning – that there is so much crud on the sticks that they are not returning back to neutral. Disassemble them with a Torx 8 *security* driver and clean them up. I generally use a tooth brush and armour all wipes.

    If the potentiometers are bad, replacing them is a big deal. De-soldering is tough to do well. After time and expense of replacement parts, I’d recommend just get a new/used one.

  2. you probably need to change your analog stick to new ones check out this video:[url is not allowed]. Here the guy shows you how to change the analog sticks and you can also buy some from their site.

    If after this it still doesn’t work then you need a new controller.

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