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I never liked Grand Theft Auto because of controls and loose driving mechanics. will I like GTA4 on PS3?


I rented GTA3. tried it, didn’t like it. thought it could be interesting but the controls didn’t suit me and I didn’t like the movement and the physics of the San Andreas “world”.

will I like GTA4 since it is supposedly “improved”?

(btw I love Gran Turismo and Motorstom driving games, things that feel realistic)

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  1. the controls and drivin mechanics have been tightened up alot from previous installments of the series. it is much more relistic now.

  2. Controls in GTA IV are totally different, much more realistic. Physics are much better, I think, you’ll like it.

  3. My two penneth. the driving isn’t great.

    I know i’m going against the grain, and it does take some getting used to, but the only way i’d compare it to Burnout, motorstorm or GT (which aren’t exactly bedfellows themselves) is with the words ‘nothing like’.

    Suggest you rent or borrow it first.

  4. Well, ur in luck. Many people actual complained that the driving mechanics were too realistic in gtaiv, similar to that of grand turismo. It was awesome, an suv felt like an suv.The controls are even better. Its like burnout, r2 to go, l2 to brake. It takes u bout 5 mins to get used to, but its really easy, trust me.

  5. oh yes i’m pretty sure you’ll like it, cause it has more realistic graphics, and way better driving skills then any other gta. believe me you’ll like it, but the only differents is that you have to press r2 to hit gas, and l2 to brake. but other then that its all good

  6. if uyou like games like Motorstorm and GT then yes you will love the new driving system.

    its more realistic so you cant contantly use the handbrake and you caNT GO FULL SPEED DOWN A STREET AND EXPECT TO HIT THE TURN PERFECTLY.


    Sorry i jut realised i hit caps by accident 😛

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