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I was threatened on Xbox live for a “console ban”?


A few days ago, I was playing left 4 dead 2 and there was this kid who was not playing as a team player so me and two other people kept kicking him and he kept rejoining and we kept kicking over and over again. Then after a few kicks he sent me a message that said “getting console banned in 2 min :)” and i responded “we only kicked you because you weren’t a team player” so he responded “how?” and i didnt answer cause i didn’t want to deal with him, so i filed a complaint under “messages” and used the one that said he used hateful, threatening, harassing messages to me. which is true, because telling me hes gonna get my console banned is threatening and harassing. kicking him from a game does not constitute me to get banned does it? I didn’t use bad language or anything to him i was being an adult. Am I safe? do you think he got the kibosh because he threatened me and i filed a complaint?I don’t like trouble on xbox i just want to play my game but its people like that which ruin my gaming experience

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  1. No your not getting banned he’s just trying to get you scared if you were u would have been banned already

  2. It’s an empty threat from an upset kid.

    You did the right thing filing a complaint; he’ll probably end up with a temporary suspension or at least a temporary communications ban for it.

    Kicking a player, if you did it for all the wrong reasons, would only be a temporary gamertag suspension at worst, and I really don’t think that it applies to you. Console bans are only done for really bad things, repeat offenders, or modders.

  3. If you filed a complaint against him hes more at risk of being banned than you are. People tend to pretend to be hackers when they can’t do anything in response to what you’ve done. 99.9% of the time it’s not going to do anything to your account and you wont hear from him again.

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