Home Xbox Forum Is it my Xbox 360’s fault or the Cords’ fault?

Is it my Xbox 360’s fault or the Cords’ fault?


the ring(on/off button) is green when i turned it on but my T.V. is still blanks after several tries( i’ve also tried to unplugged the cords but did work).

Is there anything that I could do or should I send to microsoft right away?

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  1. It is probably an issue with the cable not being plugged into the correct places on your TV.

  2. If you have an HD Video/Audio cord make sure it is set to whatever setting you are using via the switch on the cord and make sure your cords are all plugged in correctly

  3. check the switch on the A/V cord and make sure its on the setting is on HD TV if you have a hd, or just regular TV setting for a regular tv. make sure you have everything plugged in correctly before you turn it on. if all else fails call the 800 number.

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