Home Playstation Forum Is the PS3 (playstation 3) worth buying? I’m from India?

Is the PS3 (playstation 3) worth buying? I’m from India?


Folks.I’m thinking of buying a brand new PS3 (playstation 3) – especially after the price cuts.

I was hoping if someone could tell me if its worth buying or not. I’d like to know.

a) How much of a drastic improvement is it from the PS 2?

b) How easy is it to get games on PS 3?

Anything else that I ought to know.

Does it come with one controller or 2?. and are both wireless?

Thanks folks!

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  1. ya i have one myself. i bought it in 2007 june. its waqy ahead of PS2. U get the games in Music world counter and even other malls. its easy now days. It comes with one controller and u may buy the 2nd controller. and both are wireless. Its a great buy. Go ahead

  2. It is worth buying ’cause it is good and dont break easily.I bought a ps3 last april 2008 and until now it is not been broken so this proves that ps3 has a good quality and has the right price.

  3. yes its definitely worth buying its WAY BETTER if u have a HD TV wit a hdmi cable

    you only get 1 wireless controller

    how easy is it 2 get games on the ps3? huh?

    jus go to a shop and buy a game or use the ps3 store

  4. A) I saw an article on this they say the PS3 is at least 3 times better than the PS2 in every single aspect and more in different areas (e.g. the graphics is 7 times better, 11 times better if the game manufacturer is Konami and 9 for Ubisoft)

    B) You can get PS3 games online and they should have PS3 games in ANY store that sells console games.

  5. Hi ,I’m from India too.to answer your question “ps3 worth buying?”.my answer is yes & no. yes because its coming with a reduced price tag.that which costs under 19,000 Rs.and a better game library. and no because of the durability and longevity.because like xbox360 RROD, ps3 also having similar to RROD called YLOD(yellow light of death).it may happen to any system.at any time.even your maintenance is good enough, still there is a chance to get YLOD, so consider this before you buy.but when compared to xbox360 ,ps3 is better because of longevity some period before its dead.i’d even saw videos of ylod ps3 slim’s on youtube.

    a) ps2 wont come any close to ps3. ps3 is far better than ps2.the only difference is realism.breathtaking graphics!

    b)the question is not clear?. if you ask for price then it costs 2,500 to 3,500 or even 4,000 according to the demand of the game title.

    or if you ask for availability, they all are available in our country, after a week from the actual release date. for ex if Australia gets the game then it takes a week to come to India. (not exactly like that, days may differ).

    c) it comes with 1 dualshock3 motion sensitive axis controller.which is rumble enabled.and yes it is wireless and uses the technology of wifi.but you have to charge with a usb cable ,when battery is weak.the usb cable is also bundled with the system.

    i hope I’ve answered all your questions.

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