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Is there really a YLOD on ps3?


Is there really a YLOD on ps3?If there is,how can I avoid it?can you guys give me the tips or ways on ow to avoid it?Thanks.Please answer completely.I’ll give 5 stars who can answer the best.

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  1. The word is another or slang word for death of the console, now there is no science done into why it happens but its suspected the head of the unit or cpu to be the one. And avoiding it is like saying no I don’t want to die, you know what I am saying. Anyway here is what you can do to hopefully not get it fast but when it got to go its gotta go.

    1. Have at least 6 inches space from the ps3 to a nearby wall or object.

    2. Vacuum the dust that gets trapped on the ventilation holes, and in the fat you can see the dust much better.

    3. Don’t have it in a cabinet if you must then leave the doors open when your using it. If they close the hot air cant escape so it fills up and eventually choke`s the ps3.

    4. And don’t leave it in a vertical or standing position I know it looks cool but what people don’t know is that heat reflects back, not much but still.

  2. Absolutely. Every electronic ever has a had a “Colored light of death”. It’s just the way the electronics work. They die eventually. You really shouldt even worry about the YLOD. It has a average rate of.02% ps3 owners will even get the light. Don’t worry about it. Just keep the system clean and make sure it’s in a cool area then It should last long enough until the next playstation 😉

  3. apparently there is the ylod caused by overheating or some casess leaving a disk in the slot when shuting down the ps

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