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My ps3 keeps turning off?


Hi umm my ps3 keeps turning off without me touching anything like i get a couple min into the game and BAM! its off but heres the thing my mom bought me four games God of War Ascension, Bioshock Infinite, The walking dead Survival Instinct, and Wwe 13. Im not just telling u this because i want to its because this is one of the problems. This first game i played was the walking dead, no problems, second game was wee 13. no problems, then i played bioshock and when i sat in the chair which like wasn’t even 15 min into the game it turned off. I thought oh maybe i need to clean the vents so i brought a vacuum cleaner in and used it to clean all the vents and then plugged it back in but heres another thing when i was playing Black ops 2 it turned of as well. All the other games i played didn’t have this problem and i don’t know what to do. I haven’t played God of War yet so i don’t know what will happen with it. If you could give me instructions on what to do like Step 1 and step 2 then that would be great. I haven’t used it in about a week just incase that hs to do with anything. and thats about it PLEASE HELP ME

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