Home Xbox Forum My xbox 360 controller wont connect to my xbox?

My xbox 360 controller wont connect to my xbox?


i need somebody with a good understanding of how things work inside the xbox 360 controller too answer this question. k so whats going on is that i had two broken 360 controllers and i made i working one out of the two. it turns on and it will try to sync with my xbox but wont. not even when pluggedd in the controller center ring just flashes. does the barcode on the controller where the hidden screw is have anything to do with it don’t see why it would. so basically i need someone tu tell me where the senors in the controller are. o and i don’t think its the RF board in the xbox i just got an new elite.

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  1. i have been there so much stuff with xbox hold down the sync button on the controller and then hit the sync button on the xbox. if that dosent work call xbox live customer support and they will help you 1-800-4myxbox

  2. I think there’s a chip in the controller that can get frazzed pretty easily. More than likely, when you opened the case on the controller, you fried that little chip without realizing it. Any static electricity discharge, even those you yourself can’t feel, can harm electrical components.

    I’d just head down to Game Stop and pick up a used one if I were you.

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