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my xbox 360?


my xbox 360 is not working. when i turn it on there is no picture even though i have all of the cables connected. and after about 2 or 3 minutes 3 red lights start flashing on the power button. i called the support number but they didnt really offer much help at all. so if any one knows what might be wrong please tell me so ill finally know.please!!.

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  1. dude your xbox is either broken or else some cords are not connected right it may just be the cords but my regular xbox broke and when it did it flashed red but my 360 did like the same thing when the cords were not connected so try that alright man hope it works out if you have any other questions just send me one alright later 8)

  2. Weird that this is happening to you also! My hubby’s is doing the same thing. They guy from the company said that there is nothing you can do about it. Hubby is sending his in and paying $140. for them to fix it and send it back with a 1 year warrenty.

    His works occasionally for some reason, too. It comes and goes.

    I suggest sending yours in as well.

  3. There is also the possiblity of it bieng overheated. make sure there is nothing blocking the fan, keep it away from dust, and if you’re positive its overheating, buy the intercooler.

  4. my husband had the same problem with his, called the company (1-800-4my-xbox) they sent him a box to send it back in and they’re in the process of fixing his or sending him out a new one.

  5. the same thing happened to mine. Its broke sorry I hope you bought the warrenty for it. I bought it from games stop and got the warrenty for it. so i just had to take it in they swapped it out and i bought another warrenty. i think xbox sucks they have always had issues. the stupid thing is for my fiance.

  6. Hardware has gone bad. This seem to be a problem with the initial batch what was released. Call XBOX Tech support and providing you have not modified the system, they should replace or fix your unit.

  7. will have you ever kick the xbox 360? You problem kept playing it and you let the things be so rusted.

  8. There is a temporary solution to this problem and you can find it in youtube. Type in Xbox 360 red ring. Hope it works!!

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