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New to Assassins Creed, which one to get other then the first one?


Ok so I remember when Assassins Creed came out on the PS3 originally, and my cousin got it and we were ultra impressed by the game. But after a while of playing, it became perfectly clear that the game was based around repetition without much else to do other then a few set things. Making it feel like that huge open world was kind of pointless. However from everyone I speak to they all say that Assassins Creed 1 has an awesome story, but the gameplay is garbage. Then Assassins Creed 2 and onward has great story and much better gameplay. So tonight on Steam they are having a huge sale on a lot of games, and the Assassins Creed games are on there. Which one would you suggest I get? Just an fyi I can go onto youtube and get caught on on the story, so there is no real reason for me to HAVE to buy the first one first lol

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  1. Brotherhood was a really great game for me. It continues the Ezio arc and really had me captivated. A well-number of sidequests. The game runs similar to any other AC game and is fairly easy. AC 2 was great as well with a good story line that translates into Brotherhood finely. Brotherhood has great additions as well as a twist ending and focuses more on Desmond, the Main character. AC 1 was more of a prologue than an actual game since most of AC 1 are flashbacks in the next games. I recommend getting AC 2 first then getting Brotherhood to follow linearity in story as well as build-up of quality.

  2. Assassins creed brotherhood was not bad but i kinda like assassins creed revelations best

  3. Brotherhood is your choice my friend. I agree, the first AC was very repetitive but this one isn’t at all. Great storyline and not to mention the first ever AC muliplayer. It also has a great amount of replay value if you like to upgrade and collect everything

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