Home Xbox Forum Please answer xbox 360 red rings?

Please answer xbox 360 red rings?


I did the towel trick on my 360 5 days ago.The screen went blank about 3 days ago.Now my xbox won’t get the red rings anymore.And I already told xbox I had rrod so once they check and see that I don’t have RROD they won’t repair it.(for free)I’m pretty sure i’m getting an error when I turn on my xbox because my xbox controller lights go around in circles and I know it’s not a low battery.Plus when I turn it on I hear a little chime.Will xbox still repair it?Is there a way to get RROD after the towel trick?

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  1. All the towel trick does is melt the thermal compound and HOPEFULLY re-spread the thermal compound.

    If you do the towel trick for long enough, you’ll definitely get the rrod again, either that or you will permanently destroy the 360.

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