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PS3 fan going really loud, then consule turning itself off on its own and beeping 3 times?


I have the old (first) PS3 60GB console and sometimes it will turn itself off and beep 3 times on its own. Before this happens the cooling fan gets faster and makes more noise so I guess it is a cooling issue. I have just ordered a cooling fan to go on top of the console ( i stand my console vertical so it is like >> I <<(don't know if this makes a difference)) will this help the problem? it was like £12 off ebay so im guessing it isn't one of the best options available but i don't want to spend a lot of money on it. Can someone please advise if this will help the problem or if there is anything else i need to do?

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  1. i’m not sure what the problem is with the system, but i would definitely advise standing the system up like u have it how. i’ve been doing that since i bought mine and its never had a problem reading a disc or anything. its hard to explain, buts easier on the lazor when its on its side. my brother uses a laptop cooling fan on his system it also has not had any cooling problems. these are just suggestions, sorry i can’t help with the issue any better.

  2. It sounds like it’s going to Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) on you soon and I bet that was a warning. When the fan went loud, did you have a disc inside? If there was a disc inside, besides being loud, did it also make a geary/whirry sound? That’s a very bad sound. The worst your system can make. It means it wants to overheat or will. The cooling fans are a waste of money. The YLOD of is a major hardware failure by the way. It can occur from overheating, HDD issues, CPU/GPU issues and other main component issues.

    Honestly, if anything; consider purchasing an external HDD (formatted to FAT32. Anything you plug into the PS3 should be formatted to FAT32 or the PS3 won’t have any idea what it is) backing up your PS3’s entire HDD onto it using the Backup Utility in the system Settings and simply buying a brand new Slim. Get the 160GB. Those old Fat models are overdue to get the YLOD now. I’m surprised yours hasn’t yet. Get that external HDD ASAP because once the PS3 YLOD, you CANNOT get ANY data back. It’s impossible. Don’t even bother getting it repaired. It costs on average $150 + shipping/handling +tax. It just isn’t worth it when you can buy a brand new 160GB Slim for $249.99 +tax. Trust me on this, the Slims are WAY better than their old Fat models. They redesigned the Slims to be 33% (maybe a little more now with the new 160GB and 320GB due to a change of the GPU) smaller, lighter, quieter and more efficient (efficient as in you’ll actually save money on power bills compared to the Fat models.) Not to mention the Slims are also way faster and overall perform a lot better. Not to mention its WAY harder for them to get the YLOD and on average should last 7 years. I’ll post a link in here on how to Backup your PS3’s HDD onto an external HDD for you. It will also show you how to put that BACK onto your new PS3 (he will use the same PS3 because he just did an HDD upgrade, but it’s the exact same thing if your going to put it onto a different PS3 (Slims as well, don’t worry.) Just trust me on this. You won’t regret it. And it’s way better to be safe that sorry here. Do all that ASAP. This actually happened to my buddy and he lost all of his data and his PS3 gave him warnings similar to that (he had the 40GB) and shortly afterwards his system got the YLOD and he lost everything and could do nothing about it.

    Hope that helps.

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