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PS3 memory question?


Since the PS3 has a 60GB harddrive, are you able to save games, stats, etc. without a memory card or do you still have to get one? If you need one, will the PS2 card work?

If you can’t save the game files, then what can you do with the 60 GB?

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  1. They are right. The PS3 was built with computer capabilities including being able to get on the net, with a hard drive it has internal memory and you don’t need external memory for your games unless you plan on going somewhere else to play it without your machine.

  2. Everything said before me is true. No memory card required. There is also a system update that allows you to format part of your PS3 HDD to store PS2 memory so you can phase out you PS2 memory card as well!

    PS3 Rules.

  3. You can still use your PS2 memory card with the adaptor that you can buy for about $20-$30 bucks.

  4. you don’t need anything the 60 gig hard drive save everything from you upgrade, games, movies, music, and everything else you plan on saving on to your ps3 so don’t worry about having to buy memory cards!!

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