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Ps3 or xbox 360 which one?


Ok first I want to ask which one you prefer?Ive only played the ps3 a couple times and by reading some stuff the ps3 seems great.I have a 360 and think its great.but I was wondering whether I should by a ps3.is it worth the Money? If it is tell me. And also what are the pros and cons of buying the 320gb ps3


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  1. Xbox 360 all the way.

    better live time.

    better games.

    better menu.

    better and faster support.

    supports zune ad netflix

    generally cool people on live.

    I could go on for pages.

  2. Is a ps3 worth the money? Game console + free bluray player = I’d say so. Xbox only has a better online community, sony has them beat every other way. Have you noticed how many less xbox exclusives are coming out this year, compared to the number of ps3 exclusives, or the number of formerly xbox exclusives that are now crossing over to the ps3? Its pretty obvious to see which way the trend is switching. DVDs are becoming an obsolete format for gaming, it simply doesnt offer enough room to grow, which is why game developers are favoring the ps3 now since they have exclusive rites to bluray.

    Edit: The xbox has been jailbroken since day 1 pretty much. so yes, it is hacked.

    Fatal Error – To say the xbox has better graphics proves that you’re just another completely clueless Microsoft fanboy. Have you ever even played a ps3? It goes like this: older multi-platform games developed on the 360 (a trend that has died off) may look SLIGHTLY better on the 360 (actually, its just color saturation you notice). But when comparing ps3 exclusive games to 360 exclusive games, the ps3 blows you out of the water. And now that multi-platform games are being developed on the ps3 because of its greater potential, theyre beginning to look better on the ps3. And have you even paid the slightest attention to the library of games for the ps3? If you did, you’d notice that there are over twice as many ps3 exclusives coming out this year than 360 exclusives, and that the 360 is losing its strongest titles. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself before taking part in a discussion.

  3. Xbox the online play is so much better. But if you don’t already have a blu-ray player than the ps3 is the best bang for your buck.

  4. I think Xbox 360 is way better. How?

    Sure PS3 has Blu-Ray, free multiplayer, and has a bigger GB storage, but the gameplay, and the graphics are so horrible. Plus theres not much games on there, even the Exclusive ones. And it doesnt have party like xbox where you and your friends can join in a chat room and.ya know. Chat.

    And Theres alot more hackers in the Playstation Network recently than Xbox Live. I heard because so many players dont play Modern Warfare 2 on PS3 due to the fact so many people are hacking it.

    Sure, you have to pay for Xbox Live (3 month = $25 and 12 month = $50) where you can play online, join parties, etc. And thats the #1 thing that people think is the downside too and the reason whyy they dont buy the xbox. BUT it has amazing and better graphics during gameplay, you have parties, not much lag and hackers and if there is, they will be BANNED immediately.

    Plus they have way more games than the PS3.

    So thats my reason why i think Xbox 360 is WAY better than the PS3.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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