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PS3 Resolution HELPPPP?


if i have 1080p check on a game that supports 1080p then it would work fine but if the game only supports 720p it would take me straight to 480p. if i have both 1080p and 720p checked for a game that supports both resolutions then it would take me straight to 720p , what can i do so that it always takes me to the highest resolution?

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  1. The PS3 chooses 720p because that is the game’s native resolution so its the resolution the game will look its best on. The highest resolution is not always the best one and the game can actually look worse sometimes.

    I would just let the PS3 automatically choose and use your TV to change the resolution if possible. Doing it through the PS3, you’ll just have to keep changing the display settings before starting a game like you’re doing now. There’s no other way to override the automatic selection.

  2. Not all games support game play resolution that it says on the box. For example: Metal Gear Solid 4 states it supports 1080p. the game is actually played in 720p, but the cut scenes are in 1080p, and is the reason the game says 1080p on the back.

    As long as you have all the boxes checked that your TV supports, the PS3 will automatically give you the best video possible for your TV. Don’t pay attention to what the actual resolution your TV is displaying in, because most likely it will not be the resolution you expect. The only time you should be worried about resolution is if you are playing a game you know is played in 1080p (like Wipeout HD), and it doesn’t display in the resolution stated. If you think your TV isn’t set correctly, then do a Video Reset ( [url is not allowed]. ) that will help you set your TV and PS3 up together correctly.

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