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ps3 slim: how to put music movies and photos on the hard drive?will mp4 movies, and iTunes music be compatibl?


I’m thinking about buying a ps3 slim cause they are cheap now and they double as a blu ray player and hard drive so I tought why not right?

anyway I was wondering on the hard drive of the ps3, you can store music, movies, and photos right? where you can view them from the tv? or is it just storing music and photos? anyway, if it can store video files wil mp4 files work and play to the tv? cause I have a lot of movies in mp4 format.

what about if I wanted to put music on the hard drive? would the file format that iTunes uses work? because that would be what all my music would be stored as after I have moved it all to iTunes. if not (probably) how can I convert all my music (free)- in one go- so I don’t have to do one track at a time- to a format that the ps3 will be able to read?

thanks a lot and any other views or ideas on the ps3 is appreciated too 🙂

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  1. I have a regular ps3 and I can save photos, movies, and music. What I do is I hook up my iPod nano and then it appears. You want to hit I think triangle and then display all. If you hit x it wont show you for some reason. Then you just copy. MP4 works and saving your songs on iTunes should wokr too because that’s what I do.

    Yes you can view photos, and movies on your tv and hear the music.

    FYI for some reason iTouches are not compatible. The PS3 won’t read the iTouch at all so I hope you have a nano.

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